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Oct 15, 2010

Five reasons why a handheld GPS receiver would be beneficial

Handheld GPS receivers are becoming more mainstream and common among everyone all over the world. No one likes to be lost, or if they are lost asking for directions can sometimes be a difficult task. Maybe you need to find the quickest route to your destination or maybe even use some other type of information? By using the handheld GPS receiver, you will have access to the information that you need.

Here we will take a look at five reasons as to why you should own one of the hottest technological items on the market today.The first reason for owning one of these handheld GPS receivers is finding your way around in areas where you can easily become lost. When you are lost, it can be a very frightening experience and not one that anybody wishes to go through again.

The mapping capability that is offered with one of these devices will show your position and then tell you how to get back to safety.A second reason for using one of these devices would be finding the quickest route to your desired destination. Sometimes reaching a destination in a timely manner can be quiet frustrating and difficult, but with the use of this GPS device, you will be able to find alternate routes that may be quicker and cause less stress in getting there.Obtaining such information as where is the closest medical facility or gas station or other importance would be a third reason for owning one of these devices.

This is very important information to have if you are in a new place. Portability is a fourth reason. The ability to easily be carried with you makes these devices virtually priceless. This allows you to find your way anywhere that you go. So no matter if you are hiking or just going for a walk or just in some new place, these devices will prove to be invaluable to you.The fifth reason and one of the most important for owning one of these handheld GPS receivers, is the ability to contact and inform emergency services where you are.

This makes it easier for rescuers to locate you and bring you back into the arms of safety. No matter where you are, these devices will be the best thing that you can have with you to ensure your safety and provide you with the desired information.


Aug 20, 2010

Knowing about Rainbow

This natural phenomenon occurs only after rain. So beautiful, so inspiring a lot of songs, tales, and legends. But from the science’s view of point, the rainbow is very simple. It was just a mere optical physics. The key of the rainbow is a refraction of light. When refracted, the light will change direction. This distortion usually occurs when light moves from one medium to another. This happens because the light moves with different speeds in different mediums.
When entering a glass prism, the light will be deflected. Similarly, if exit from the prism. In addition to refract light, a prism separates white light into its color components. Different colors of light are different in frequency, and thus have a different velocity when entering a substance. The low speed of light inside the glass will be deflected more sharply when moving from air to glass, because the speed difference varies. Not surprisingly, the components that make up white light are separated based on frequency when passing through glass. In the prism, the light will be deflected twice, when entering and exiting, so that the spreading of light occurs. The drops of rainwater can refract and spread light like a prism. In the right conditions, this refraction forming rainbows.

Jul 25, 2010

Do You Know about Cell Phone with Ordinary Battery

Mobile phone (cell phone) has now become one of primary needs for people, especially for those who have a high mobility.Many kinds of mobile phone brand featuring a variety of features that are attractive. But, one of mobile phone types that highly wanted is smart phone. Every new cell phone released appear to be a smart phone. If not, the phone was not getting enough attention. Shortly, if a cell phone is not able to check e-mail or support Twitter status update, it may not get many places in society today.

But in many developing countries, the 'ordinary' mobile phones still remains triumphant. That is the reason why Olive Communication in India dare to introduce its own-made phone. This phone is designed according to Indian conditions, which the electricity often die suddenly. Phone FrvrOn (an abbreviation of "Forever On") is nothing special from the physical side as well as the size. What make it special, the phone can be operated with regular AAA batteries. The battery is capable of powering the phone for an hour nonstop. It also provided a recharge battery pack Li-ion to "charging standards".

Intrigued with the cellphone, read more here.

May 5, 2010

Earth is Crying in Norway Ice Layer

The glacier, briefly, was like the other glaciers in the frozen Arctic. But in a closer observation, a painful face painted on the wall of melting ice, which was the crying and the flowing tears of river. Image of sad 'Mother Earth' that was seen by local residents during the process of melting, with ice that melt and snow falling into the sea below.

Figure draw on Austfonna ice Nordaustlandet located at Svalbard Islands, Norway would almost certainly be used for environmental activists to protest climate change. Sea-level rise caused by melting ice is one of the main worries of the impact of global warming. Experts have warned that countries that are in the lowlands will be below at the water surface.

The figure of 'Crying' Mother Earth was taken by a Navy photographer and lecturer of environmental Michael Nolan in an annual voyage to observe the glaciers and wild life around him. Jon Ove Hagen, a glacier expert who is also a member of the World Glacier Monitoring Bureau (World Glacier Monitoring Service / WGMS) and Geosains professor at the University of Oslo, Norway, has confirmed that the layer of ice that gives the image of 'Crying' Mother Earth is continually shrinking as much as 160 feet every year for decades. Hagen has studied Austfonna ice since 1988.

Austfonna is the largest ice shelf area in Norway, precisely on the island of Svalbard Nordaustlandet. Austfonna has a broad about 3000 square miles and so far is the largest ice sheet on Svalbard, and one of the largest in the Arctic.

The shrinkage of glacier surface in Austfonna in 12 years have averaged 160 feet per year. Geometry of the ice region is changing. The front continued to retreat, the bottom becomes thinner, with a depletion rate of three feet per year, while the interior thickened about 1.6 feet per year. Layer decreased about 1.6 cubic miles of ice every year.

Austfonna is the second largest area of ice sheet in Europe after Iceland and Vatnajvkull and classified seventh in the world.

May 2, 2010

Supersonic Car is No Longer a Fantasy

I guarantee that fiction movie fans must often have or had seen the car running with super-fast speeds, often called a supersonic car.I'm also sure that after that, they thought it's just a fantasy. Wait, just a minute!! The fantasy itself could be a real thing, right?

From a guest speaker ... British researchers are planning to make these cars and can target test the first time in 2011. The car named Bloodhound SSC (supersonic car) is designed to be sped on the ground with a speed of more than 1600 kilometers per hour. Of course, this car will only be tested on a flat surface such as salt lakes in the United States.

The project is done in secret since 18 months ago in a plane hangar in Bristol with the cost of making about 12 million pounds. Making cars is a dream of Drayson, a car lover who wants the younger generation interested in English and engineering sciences and technology.The same team broke the record fastest land vehicles in 1997. At that time, the British air force pilot Andy's Reef is a successful race car driver called the Thrust SSC up to 1228 kilometers per hour speed.
Bloodhound team plans to complete their projects less than a year. However, the desired speed records are expected to be achieved within three years. The engines that used by the car are the Eurofighter Typhoon jet with additional rocket thrust resulting in 20,000 kgf. Wheels, each 900 millimeters in diameter made of the strongest metals from high-quality titanium material.This car will use an accelerator to power the jet engine up to speed of 563 kilometers per hour. Then turn on the speed driven by a booster rocket. Racing engine will pump more than a tonne of hydrogen peroxide into the booster. Zoomed up to 1690 miles per hour acceleration is required only for 40 seconds. The car is 12.8 meters long and weighing 6.4 tonnes will be shot faster than a bullet projectiles.
Want to know what type of brake used? Two parachutes!

I wonder ... could the car later will run on the streets of Jakarta?