Dec 19, 2009

Well, There's Fish Can Make Cocoon

Did you know there are fish that can make a cocoon? I also myself just found out about it after reading on of news-onlines today. Lung Fish, that's its name, is fish could make chrysalis when forced to live without water. Lung Fish is the most unique fish. It can live a few days on land to make a cocoon of mud. Like its name, Lung Fish, it has similar organs lungs that enable life on land without water. To stay moist, this fish makes a cocoon from mud. Fish belonging to the monster fish are freshwater fish belonging to the rare, especially if an albino.

The length of Lung Fish can reach more than one meter. As carnivores, Lung Fish eat worms or small fish. Unique shape, like catfish, which have remaining legs and arms attached near the tail and near the head. Muzzle was unique, pig nose looks like a big hole.

It's mean that butterflies have rivals. Watch out Butterflies!! :)
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