Dec 24, 2009

Bluetooth 4.0 Now Available For Energy Efficient Wireless Technology

Guys, if you have a phone with Bluetooth feature, certainly was not new to hear the name. The Bluetooth lets you send files or conduct an internet connection without any cord. Very easy and not hard, isn't it?

The latest version of Bluetooth has now comes to meet the demands of wireless technology, which reportedly targeted the low-energy applications in the areas of health, fitness and shopping center security. Of course with the appendage is energy efficient now being intensively conducted so that the technology not only offers the sophistication, but also did not drain the existing energy.

The mission is to create something environmentally friendly. Bluetooth Special Interest Group has announced that it has adopted the Bluetooth Core Specification 4.0. Bluetooth 4.0 speeds are reportedly not far from the 3.0 version which was just beginning to be used intensively for about 10 months ago, but both versions are planned to be used in different things.

According to its creator, plans energy-efficient Bluetooth is used for new products that already meet the requirements, this is an important step towards our goal enables new markets with Bluetooth wireless technology. It is still not clear to what kind of case, but it seems this will lead us to new technologies later.

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UB Yellow said...

nice article :) btw can we xlink??? add my link please, i will added your link too. iam waiting your confirmation :)

Gaurav said...

nice informative liked it... thou, bluetooth technology is really helpful to get data or photos from frd's and family ... :D

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