Jan 21, 2010

Targus Finger Print Resistant Screen Protector

People, someday you must say goodbye to those smudgy fingerprints on your phones and laptops. Targus is unveiling a new line of patent pending screen protectors that are supposedly "fingerprint resistant." This Clear View technology will allow clear protectors to safeguard PMP's, samrtphones, e-readers laptops, all while shunning those unsightly smudges and smears from fingers. Most of the popular models (iPhone 3GS, BlackBerry Storm / Curve / Bold/ Pearl, T-Mobile G1, etc.) are covered.

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3 comments: on "Targus Finger Print Resistant Screen Protector"

GOddess said...

Hi sure added you already in my blog. please add me too.. thanks

Rahul - Web Guru said...

This product should be very useful for my cell phone as well.

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