Dec 16, 2009

Not Only Chameleon who Can Change Their Skin's Color

Do you know that the turtles has a chameleon-like ability? Yup, their color of skin and shells can shift to follow where they were. Just like a chameleons, this ability helps them to hide and escape from the predators.

John W. Rowe and his team from Alma College in Michigan were collect the female turtles which was carrying to a laboratory experiment. The turtles were then given an injection of oxytocin. The turtles then divided into two groups. One group placed on the dark and light for 160 days. The second group, originally placed in the dark and light for 80 days, then they were moved to another place with the opposite color for the next 80 days.

The researchers periodically measure the intensity of skin discoloration of turtles. On day 80, all of the turtle changes color to be dark or light according to where they live. On day 160, groups of turtles that are in control still shows the same color.

While other groups changed places quickly change the color of their skin color the same as the basis to which they belong. This results informed us that the turtles can perfectly follow the color of change process.

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