Dec 14, 2009

The First Spiders World's Vegetarian

Almost all species of spiders are predators who prey on species other animals, from insects to birds. But the kind of this spider somewhat unique and very, very rare. Among more than 40,000 species of spiders in the world, a spider that just discovered is probably the first species known to eat vegetation.

According to, the eight-legged animals that named Bagheera Kiplingi, life in Central America, especially in Mexico and Costa Rica. The vegetarian spider whose has body size of adult nails were preyed acacia leaf tip. He is also the first spider that known makes plants as their prey.

In order to obtain foods, they're quiet helped by the role of ants whose life also in acacias. No herbivores dare to come up as long as there are those ants. However, because the ants also eat the end of leaf, besides nectar, the spiders must do a certain strategy.

When hunting preys, the spiders should avoid the ants using net guards to move up and down. The spider is also building a nest at the base of an old acacia leaves that been rarely traveled by ants.

In addition to the eat leaf tip, the spiders was still other food such as larvae on ants and nectar. When they prey on ants they will pretend to be ants by doing zig-zag movements.

However, observations made using the video recording and chemical analysis showed the spider still get most of the food from plants. Their Mexico's population earn 90 percent of food from plant tissue and the remaining ant larvae, nectar, and others. While in Costa Rica's population earn 60 percent of food from the acacia leaves.
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