Nov 3, 2009

32 New Planets was Recently Founded

European astronomers announced that they have discovered 32 new planets orbiting a star outside our solar system and state that 40 percent or more of the stars like Sun have planets like that. The planets have sizes ranging from about five times the Earth up to five times Jupiter's. Not only that, the astronomers also discovered a number of other planets and they had promised to announce it later this year. The discovery made the number of planets discovered outside our solar system are about 400.

The team of astronomers used the HARPS spectrograph (Light Speed Planet Finder High Accuracy) mounted on the 3.6-meter telescope, European Southern Observatory (ESO) in La Silla, Chile. Spectrograph did not describe these planets directly, but scientists can calculate the size and mass to detect small changes in stellar vibrations caused by the gravitational pull of a small planet.

HARPS has discovered 75 planets orbiting 30 different stars. ESO team did not give detailed explanation about what stars are orbited by the new planet 32.


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