Aug 5, 2009

By 2014, Indonesia has It's Own Rocket Launcher

Five years from now, Indonesia will have a rocket launcher satellite technology itself. The National Institute of Aviation and Outerspace (LAPAN) scheduled it can launch the rocket booster called the four-storeyed with a rocket booster Satellites (RPS) -420 for the first time in 2014 (but it is planned to be launched in 2012).

The rocket is being designed with two four-storeyed RPS in order to launch the satellite monitoring of Indonesian 2014. As a preface, LAPAN have been successfully launched a rocket RX-320 on 30 May 2008 and RX-420, on 2 July 2009, which was held at the Station Test Flying Pamengpeuk, West Java.

Until now, some of the process of the RPS-420 has been implemented and has been flight-tested although some still need more improvement.
RPS-420 is projected to first on the ability to orbit satellites in outer space, but not to load equipment for monitoring is in the air. If the RPS-420 project is successful, set up LAPAN new satellites to be launched.

In addition to the rocket, LAPAN also continue to develop satellite technology. LAPAN Tub-SAT (LAPAN A-1) which was launched in 2007 is the first satellite that most of the design and production was conduct by Indonesian engineers together with the Berlin University of Technology, Germany.

During this time, the launch of the satellites was in Shiharikota, India, with Indian-made rocket. LAPAN will still be using the missile India to launched LAPAN A-2 satellites that will be used for telecommunication. The production process of the communication satellites conducted together with the Orari.

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2 comments: on "By 2014, Indonesia has It's Own Rocket Launcher"

dewi tantri said...

we just hope that..we can tell to the world that we can doit too....go..indonesia...go..

Reza's Techno-Science said...

wah, semangat kali ibu kita yang satu ini...n nasinalismenya cukup tinggi juga... yupz, we should be proud being indonesian people..

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