Jul 23, 2009

Students from Around the World Can Now Study by Using SMS

Students from around the world will be able to perform learning activities together with the SMS on the new academic year 2009-2010. The facility will be presented is the Global Teenager Project (GTP) experimental phases, which supported by IICD. This project is to experiment by using the SMS to help schools that do not have internet access in order to participated in an online learning program in the world.

In fact, GTP has spread around the world, but this program is available for the new school that has Internet access. Through the internet, many middle class that implement learning activities in the world can interact each other to ask questions and share stories about everything they want to learn. This is one of students' way to learn different cultures of their friends around the world. With the new SMS project components, it will allow schools in rural areas with limited Internet access or do not have internet access can participate in this project at all.

But as the project is still in experimental stage, the new countries are scheduled to use this technology. The first country that will use SMS in this GTP is Zambia, Ghana, North Africa, Zimbabwe, Canada, Romania and the Netherlands. How about Indonesia??

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