Jul 13, 2009

Betty, the Bionic Duck

Still remember of 80's television movie which told about a man whose half part of his body made from iron? Yup, you're right man. It's the six million dollar man! You know what?? Let him know that he now gets his rival/competitor, an unusual competitor. The bionic man get his competitor from a duck, or we should say a duckling ....... (?).

According to unwilling-known source, there was a duckling who found had broken-leg in Watermead, Buckinghamshire, England. After saw what happened to the duck, quickly the founder of the broken-leg duckling took it to the vet.

After going through several considerations, the team doctors finally decided to attach the metal legs for ducklings. They believe these efforts will greatly help the duck to be able to walk normally again. Team doctors then complete the duck leg with a steel bolt and screw to install the iron legs. Although not quite perfect, but the doctors believe too much that the duck will be able to walk normally as before.

later, the duckling was named Betty. It's a happy ending,. isn't it??? :)

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3 comments: on "Betty, the Bionic Duck"

Anonymous said...

kereeeen.... can i call betty a bionic duck!
hati-hati jk ketendang bebek :-)

Reza's Techno-Science said...

hehehehe....bisa aja nih......

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