May 6, 2008

A Great Nature: the Form of Greatness of God

Existence of The Creator is the standard substance and believe in Him is the character of innocent souls. From this, it's able to said that the first feelings that arise in people when he looked at himself and the nature around is the sense of the existence of a great power that have controlled, maintained, managed the nature and life, and act at will Himself.

Trust and confidence someone of something is enough if the feeling of nature in accordance with the things that achieved by the researchers through the right methodology. If the study was not influenced by passion and fanaticism, it will lead to achieving results in accordance with the feelings of nature, and certainly will deliver and believe in the Lord to all believers by the Lord set correctly.

Many scientists and philosophers of the past who believed in God's existence after a proper scientific methods of thinking as an effort to fulfill the needs of nature and human reason, far from the illusion of an anti-God philosophy is misleading.

There's no doubt that human efforts to find a greater sense of reason and a better setting than the settings to help interpret the mini style is evidence of the strength and the great setting, and setting the power of God.

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