Apr 24, 2008

The Green Notebooks,

Green notebooks that are packed with bamboo materials
Small notebooks is now increasingly common. How about environmentally friendly (the green ) Notebooks? There were now. Green notebook?? What the hell it's about?
There are now notebooks that made of wood. In addition to wood, there is also wrapped in bamboo. Confuse?? Well, don't.The content remains as a regular notebook, but the pack (cashing) made from bamboo and wood.In the notebook that its casing was wrapped in bamboo materials, there are LED indicator that changes color to green and red, depending on the use of power. The LEDs that can change color change is intended to make users feel guilty about wasting energy. Uh, but, in addition to bamboo and wood, there are also plastic material covered them. However, all plastic materials used are the type that can be recycled. The making process was made possible environmentally friendly, without the spray paint and Electroplating. Also there are no solvents or hazardous materials are used.This notebook was reportedly will be released in June tomorrow. The price?? If I wasn't mistake... they would be sold for about U.S. $ 1600. One thing to note this notebook enthusiasts. Do not until you spill coffee or water on it. It could have decayed bamboo wrapping.

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