Apr 15, 2008

Google Help Tracking "Child Predator" on the Internet

The child exploitation cases to the more rampant pornography on the Internet. To track the perpetrators, Google will help facilitating the search for content that contains phonograph of children with special software that developed for that purpose.

According to a research scientist at Google, Shumeet Baluja, in the official blog search site manager, the "child predator" has found a new arena to exploit the child with the Internet. Therefore, he along with the scientists in the Internet industry has tried to build a device to help track child exploitation on the Internet.

As a member of Google's research group, Shumeet realized that NCMEC need assistance in the form of some of the technology research he was doing. NCMEC need help in classifying and making adjustments to the number of pictures and videos sent to him through every week or CyberTipline of law enforcement throughout the country.

With devices that have been built by Google's scientists, NCMEC in the grouping and indexing information and examine pictures and videos of child exploitation more efficient and also develop more effective historical references. Software programs that made Google's going to help NCMEC can quickly and easily access the system when they try to find a file or an image of child pornography involving victims who were handled.

Since its founding in 1984, NCMEC has reported at least 570 thousand cases of child exploitation to law enforcement. Besides Google, formerly Microsoft CETS also developed software (Children Exploitation Tracking System) that helps police network in the world to track the perpetrators of transnational exploitation of children. Software developed by Canadian police has been installed in Australia and the Office of Police of the Republic of Indonesia.

(source: www.kompas.com)

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