Apr 15, 2008

Your Yahoo Mail or Gmail are busy?? Don't be Upset

If our access to mail servers such as Google Mail (Gmail) is very dense, what would you do? Do not be confused, just use Mozilla Thunderbird or Outlook Express.

Thunderbird or Outlook Express can be instructed to retrieve e-mail which into the Inbox of your Gmail account (Google Mail). Just a few parameters in the e-mail client Thunderbird must be set first.

Here are the steps to configure Gmail account and Thunderbird (more or less the same as in Outlook).

1. Activated POP

Activated POP facility first in your Gmail account. Please log into your Gmail account, then click Mail Settings button at the top right of the page. Go to the Forwarding and POP tab (Forwarding and POP / IMAP). Enable the option Activated POP for all mail.Store the settings by clicking Save Changes button.
2. Setting POP at Thunderbird

Account Settings > Add Account.">Open the e-mail client Thunderbird and create a new account by clicking the Tools menu> Account Settings> Add Account. In the first dialog box, select E-mail Accounts, then click Next.In the next dialog box, fill in your name and address of your e-mail in Gmail.

3. . Setting POP at Thunderbird

In the next dialog box, select fill POP and pop.gmail.com in the Incoming Server. Two of the next dialog box you fill with your username and your account name. Click Next, then finish off with a click Finish.

4. Setting POP at Thunderbird

Configuring POP in Thunderbird have not finished yet. Click the Tools menu > Account Settings, then click the name of a Gmail account you just created. Click on the Server Settings. Pop.gmail.com Fill in the Server name. Enable SSL option to randomize the lines of communication with your Gmail mail server and make sure that the port used is 995, and then click OK.

5. Setting SMTP at Thunderbird

Now set the POP to SMTP server (outgoing). Click the Outgoing Server (SMTP), and then click Add. Fill smtp.gmail.com in the Server Name. Enable TLS option to secure your communications with Gmail mail server and make sure the port used is 587. Enable the option Use name and password.If so, click OK.

6. Configuration Test

Now, please pull the e-mail from Gmail to Get Mail button and enter a password to log in to your Gmail account. We'll see, e-mail, e-mail us at Gmail into Thunderbird Inbox.

Once installed, run and give a little YPOPs configuration in the Network. Fill in the value of localhost or the loopback IP, the on the Bind on IP address. Enable SMTP option and enter the value 25 on the SMTP port. If you are finished, click OK.

Next, set up POP in Thunderbird mail client. Add Account.">Create a new account by clicking the Tools menu> Account Settings> Add Account. The order of Yahoo Mail account setup is basically similar to the Gmail account creation. The difference is, on the server name (both POP and SMTP) content with the localhost. Port that is used with the standard (port 110 for POP and port 25 for SMTP). When finished, click.

(source: infokomputer)

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