Apr 15, 2008

Computer Virus through One Million

The number of viruses, worms, trojans, and malicious program (malware) that threatens the computer has been through a million species. This figure is the result of monitoring conducted Symantec, the antivirus maker, which reported in its annual report Internet Security Thread Report.
Symantec said that the growth of malicious programs are still experiencing a high increase. Enormous growth occurred in the last year. The report stated during the second half of 2007 found 499,811 new malicious programs or up 136 percent from the same period the previous year.
Throughout 2007, Symantec detected 711,912 new malicious programs. These findings increase the number of viruses and malware that is detected by Symantec to 1,122,311 species.

Almost two-thirds of these malicious programs made during the year 2007. The majority of viruses designed to attack the computer with Microsoft Windows operating systems and more sinister variant of the virus outbreak ever before.

Symantec expected high growth induced increase in digital crime done professionally. The makers of malicious programs may recruit competent programmer-programmer which controls the various forms of attack techniques.

Motive of the attack was to steal the personal data to hijack the computer owner credit cards and the like. The combination of these factors lead to increased risk of threats to computer users connected to the Internet.

(adapted from "Kompas")

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