Jul 3, 2008

Prevent Theft the Notebook with Security Cable

The population of notebook is growing bigger. Users often seen sitting in cafes, food court, or other public space (including office) while working on the notebook. But be careful, a little off guard, the notebook could be lost strucked by the thief.

Isi true that a second-hand notebook is still salable, whether at the store or via internet. A notebook which physically small exactly more facilitate the thieves to do their action.

When a notebook you used to work is disappear, you're not just lost the money (for buying or replacing a new notebook) . The most annoying could be true is disappearance of data inside the notebook.

Use a Wire

As a matter of fact, we can avoid the theft of notebook by using a cable lock like Kensington Lock MicroSaver Notebook Lock. This cable is essentially used to anchor your notebook to unmoved furniture such as a sturdy table when you use the notebook in public place or your room. Of course, to use this end-locked cable you must get a solid ‘anchor’ yang kokoh. Otherwise, it;s useless to buy this safeguard tool.

How to put it on your LCD? Just take a look at rear of your LCD, find a hole with K logo. Push the flat iron at low-bottom at the end-bottom of the part of litter key into the hole, and then put the cable to table leg for instance.

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