Sep 8, 2009

The All-Day-Long Durable Netbook

In addition to levels of practicality and price, battery life becomes one of important reasons to buy a netbook. Among the dozens of brands of locally made netbook or a global brand, Asus EeePC Seashell 1000HE is the most superior choice. Why? Because Seashell eee PC is the first netbook to have a battery life 6 hour stand alias used all day. It has the ability because it is the first netbook that use a lithium Polymer battery. This battery is fitted internally and can not be removed from the outside.The lithium polymer battery is able to maximize capacity of usage.

Like all Asus Notebook, EeePC Seashell 1000HE is equipped by super-hybrid engine that set the processor speed range. In addition, the keyboard is also extensive, with the big-size right "Shift". The buttons on the bottom row is also greater than the other EeePC button. When used for typing, the knob feels lighter and comfortable when pressed.

This type of design is like sea scallops with 1-inch thick and weighing only 1.1 kg. With Intel Atom N280 processor, 1.66 Ghz, it practically has the completeness of the average netbook class. In addition, the disk is supported Seagate 160 GB capacity with the ability to read and write a high enough access speeds milisecond 23.2. In fact, Asus provides additional virtual hard disk freely through EeeStorage service for 10 GB.

*from: Kompastekno*

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