Jul 6, 2009

Learn Threrapy Medicine from Locust

Do you knoe that humans and insects have a similarity in terms of brain disturbances that cause migraine, stroke and epilepsy. For that reason, scientists take advantage of this similarity with the analysis for the locust as a guide to find the appropriate treatment therapy for these diseases. Biologist from Queen's University found that this disruption health is closely related to disruption of brain function caused closure nerve cells.

Apparently, this is also felt by locusts when they have a comma after the exposure to weather extremes such as very hot temperatures and lack of oxygen.

Insects have the unique ability to survive at the time of entering the coma condition. And they do direct recovery independently. The way this works like a drug that leads directly to one of the target cells that cause pain.

his is the middle we develop. We mimic what the locusts and apply this method for migraine treatment, stroke and epilepsy in humans. Locusts have the ability to press the attack in the pain and minimize the impact of interference to 70 percent of the brain.

Results of this study showed that the grasshopper has a comma as an effort to rest a while back and collect the energy in the body when conditions are dangerous. Response, the brain cells that occurs in the locust is similar to that occur in humans at the time of the migraine.

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