May 2, 2009

The Antarctic is Melting, The World is Sinking??

Global Warming, the Antarctic continent, and the sinking world. What is it relationship?? But recently there are new concern related to side effect of global warming. There was a news that a bridge of ice in Antarctic, which hold the ice as big as Jamaica country was broke, and this increases the impact of global warming concern.

There are new indications that the ice sheet is likely to be separated from Antarctica. Satellite pictures of the latest from the European Space Agency (ESA) indicates that one of the ice bridge connecting the two plates Wilksin adjacent islands have collapsed.

The scientists said that global warming caused the collapse of the ice bridge. Plate has undergone shrinkage since the 1990s, but this is the first time lost a link that held in place.

British Antarctic Survey said that six layers of ice in the same part of the continent had been lost. The ESA satellite images show the mountains created a new ice floating in the sea in western Antarctic peninsula protruding from the continent towards the southern end of America's fault. Although they're not affect sea level, they increases concerns about climate change impacts in the Antarctic.

According to scientists, Antarctic Peninsula has experienced warming that have never been unprecedented before in the last 50 years. Several layers of ice shrank in the last 30 years, and six of them collapsed completely.

Urmm, what happen if Antarctic (and also North and South Pole) completely 'melt'?

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khotib said...

wekss,.,., parah dunk ya,,, saya malah dapet kabar klo di negara arab malah turun salju :(

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