Jan 20, 2009

Male Desire Can be Smelled from His body odor?

Did you know that male desire on woman could be known just from the smell of his sweat (smell of armpit? :) ) which be taken out by him??

It's not only from male gesture which could describe his heart's desire on women. Smell of male's sweat which come from his body also well-off to signalize his feeling on female he met.

It's definitely so many people who know that human have chemical compound like animal do that capable to communicate its sexual desire on its opposite sex, which name is FEROMON. Unfortunately, scientists said that feromon is only could be produced through human's subconscious so that couldn't be detected obviously.

But, for female, the sexual sweat of male may activated female's zone of brain. especially the zone that may recognize human's emotion and feeling that involve smelling sense, social and emotion responses. That zone lie on orbitofrontal cortex and fusiform context, and bring out differentiation of reaction which caused by female when they smell male's sweat.
I wonder ...... whether female's sweat may invite male's desire?? :)

Well, watch out guys!! If you have sexual desire on nice female, please ..... no sweat on your body. :)

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