Jan 27, 2009

Solar Eclipse Ring: The Phenomenon that Happened First Time in Indonesia??

Solar Eclipse Ring (SER) had just happened yesterday. And we should be proud of the emergence of this natural phenomenon. Why? Because this phenomenon is the first in the year 2009 and the first occurred in Indonesia. Is it true??

Together with Australian, Indian, and Madagascar. we should be proud of ourselves. Not only was the first time this has happened in the year 2009, but only these countries that managed to see (bypassed by) the SER.

GMC, better known as the eclipse of Saros 131, was first seen on August 11, 1125, and this year is the first GMC visible from Indonesia. But for those who had not experienced to see it, please don't worry because thi SER will appear again in February 2010 (according to NASA, it will appear at 9-2-2010) and July 2010 (7-2-2010).

But behind all this, we must realize and believe that this phenomenon of the SER, and all natural phenomenons that have happened and will happen is a sign of the greatness of Mighty God. So, we should always ' look at' Him.

(Source: Okezone.com)

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