Feb 12, 2010

Buzz Google, a Social Networking Service from Google

Google, finally introduced officially a social networking service, called Google Buzz. This service does not stand alone, but directly integrates with Gmail service which started Tuesday and will gradually be available for Gmail users around the world.

Google Buzz provides features that allow Gmail users can now quickly share messages, website links, and photos with their fellow colleagues Gmail users. Google's call to share ideas because it provides features such as Twitter messages, but without the character limit. It also features photo and video sharing as well as updates from various services that have been used, such as Twitter, Picasa, Flickr, and Google Reader.

This service is also accessible via smartphones, especially the special applications for Android, an open platform developed by Google. Google Buzz also be integrated into the Google Maps service so that users other activities can be seen on the map.

Moreover, according to comScore research, Gmail is an e-mail service, third web-based world's most popular. The number of users in December 2009 reached 176.5 million. Gmail is still under Microsoft's Hotmail and Yahoo e-mail, each of which occupy the first and second positions with the number of users the world 369.2 million and 303.7 million.

This is not the first time Google released a social networking service. In 2004, Google launched Orkut social networking. In contrast to the social networking giants Facebook and MySpace in the, Orkut only managed to reach certain markets of the world, like Google also launched Google's Wave, a new service which is currently limited to new users who were invited.

Similar steps had already been previously carried out Yahoo! eventhough not yet known how much the level of popularity among users Yahoo! Mail. Yahoo! also tried to take the social networking market with the launch of Yahoo!Meme or Yahoo!Mim to Indonesia.

Interest to try it??

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