May 2, 2010

Supersonic Car is No Longer a Fantasy

I guarantee that fiction movie fans must often have or had seen the car running with super-fast speeds, often called a supersonic car.I'm also sure that after that, they thought it's just a fantasy. Wait, just a minute!! The fantasy itself could be a real thing, right?

From a guest speaker ... British researchers are planning to make these cars and can target test the first time in 2011. The car named Bloodhound SSC (supersonic car) is designed to be sped on the ground with a speed of more than 1600 kilometers per hour. Of course, this car will only be tested on a flat surface such as salt lakes in the United States.

The project is done in secret since 18 months ago in a plane hangar in Bristol with the cost of making about 12 million pounds. Making cars is a dream of Drayson, a car lover who wants the younger generation interested in English and engineering sciences and technology.The same team broke the record fastest land vehicles in 1997. At that time, the British air force pilot Andy's Reef is a successful race car driver called the Thrust SSC up to 1228 kilometers per hour speed.
Bloodhound team plans to complete their projects less than a year. However, the desired speed records are expected to be achieved within three years. The engines that used by the car are the Eurofighter Typhoon jet with additional rocket thrust resulting in 20,000 kgf. Wheels, each 900 millimeters in diameter made of the strongest metals from high-quality titanium material.This car will use an accelerator to power the jet engine up to speed of 563 kilometers per hour. Then turn on the speed driven by a booster rocket. Racing engine will pump more than a tonne of hydrogen peroxide into the booster. Zoomed up to 1690 miles per hour acceleration is required only for 40 seconds. The car is 12.8 meters long and weighing 6.4 tonnes will be shot faster than a bullet projectiles.
Want to know what type of brake used? Two parachutes!

I wonder ... could the car later will run on the streets of Jakarta?

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