Mar 20, 2009

Mobinity.Net: New Social Networking for Cellular

There is new news for Social Networking Site's fancy ....

There was news that a new social networking for special phone users which always mobile will be introduced late by this March. Its name is ...., a.k.a. mobile community network, specifically designed to take advantage of phone and smartphone features. Model of this networking site is single sign-in. They services include chat, which for the first phase is the Yahoo Messenger and facebook, and followed Friendster and MySpace.

Interesting feature here is the synchronization profile picture on Facebook with friends in the photo on your mobile phone contacts. Thus, images displayed on the caller Facebook will also appear on the screen as Caller ID. Likewise birthdays and important dates can be synchronized with the calendar in the phone.

Another facility is the Locator. So for Mobity.Net users, which supports GPS and cell phone enabled LBS, can find their Facebook friends who was in the same location. Ofcourse their LBS also need to be active. In addition, there are also features of a mobile citizen journalist, where users can take pictures with camera phones, recorded narration, add comments and download it as news to major news portals for Internet users to read and mobinity via phone.

So, who was interested??

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1 comments: on "Mobinity.Net: New Social Networking for Cellular"

Qar_1 said...

Aq dh cb v betanya emang bgs tp ad efek sampingnya,ketika buka app laen kdng jd eror muncul tertutup exect..bla bla..akhrnya jd mlz dweh makenya..

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