Sep 3, 2008

The Invisible Robe of Harry Potter in Real World

The results of scanning electron microscopy showed three-dimensional structure of the metamaterial that developed by researchers at University of California

The miracle of Harry Potter's robe which can make the wearer is invisible has become a reality soon. Scientist have developed a meta-material which will guide any light that falling in to around the objects covered. This cause the object in robe is invisible.

For the first time, the researchers of di Berkeley University of California, USA, made the material in 3rd dimension structure which mean that the material now already can be used to make invisible robe like Harry Potter's to down the halls of Hogwarts without be discovered by people around him.

Similar materials newly developed previously could be made in two-dimensional structure of a very thin and can only be proven through the research laboratory. Another research team previously used plasmons containing particles in the electrically charged metal surface to absorb the light that falls.

Metamaterial that developed at the University of California allow the radio waves and light are about to continue to flow like water flows around a protruding rock in the river surface. This material is a mixture of metal and ceramic, Teflon or fiber composite.

The way it works is more advanced than stealth aircraft technology that is also turning waves into the wide angle so difficult to identify the radar. the metamaterial makes light falling on it is always deflected that never bounce. Because, according to the laws of physics objects visible to the eye only when there is light reflected objects and fall into the eye's retina. These materials can change the spreading of electromagnetic waves to produce a reflection in the opposite direction and has been engineered so that its structure has optical properties that are not found naturally.

Visible light waves only one that can be controlled. If electromagnetic waves, radio waves, infrared and X-rays can also be controlled, the technology is very useful for many applications in the field of information technology, medicine, until the military.

well...well...well.... I wonder what if it becomes true. What the world would say????

**Source: Republika online**

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