Aug 21, 2008

Prevent the Internet Explorer Window Closed

Have you ever seen a computer which its IE can't be closed? When you do click a cross button on the right-top side, it's IE has no react. When you click [] > [close], it's also has no react.

What if you want to do the same thing is happen? It's easy. Just follow the steps bellow:

1. Run the Internet Explorer

2. Right click and the click [bar]

3. Right click and the click [buttons]

4. Click [] > [internet options …] and at the Address section, fill the address you want to be shown IE.

5. Closed the Internet Explorer window.

6. Click [] > [Run …}. Type ‘gpedit.msc” ang the press [Enter] to run Policy Editor

7. At Group Policy Editor window, enter into the Computer Policy-User

Configuration-Administrative Templates-Windows Components-Internet

Explorer-Browser menus

8. Double click [menu: Disable closing the browser and Explorer windows]

9. When window is open, click [] from the three choices exist.

10. Click [] > [OK], and then closed the Policy Editor window.

Well, you now open the Internet Explorer. The [] button in right-top window of IE can not be clicked. For further information, this trick automatically will be applicated into Windows Explorer.

Ok..!! have a nice try ....

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Anonymous said...

mksh banyak neh infonya mas,,,:).

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